Instant Loans

Instant loans through Cobol offer you the chance to get cash in your hands in no time.

With a fast online application process, you will find out whether you qualify for a loan in minutes.

To apply, you must be a South African citizen with permanent employment, earning at least R3000 per month.

After completing the simple application online, our professional staff will verify the provided details before emailing an offer to you.

All that is left is for you to then decide whether or not you wish to accept the deal, which can be done by replying via email.

Be sure to assess your financial situation before considering a loan to ensure that the repayment terms will fit your budget.

Cobol aims to keep instalments affordable, which is why you can choose repayment terms of up to six months.

To find out more about our instant loans, contact Cobol today or alternatively you can begin the application process online.

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