Flexible Loans

For fast and flexible loans, Cobol is the premier choice in South Africa.

We provide loans of up to R3000, and offer repayment terms of up to six months.

To apply for a loan through Cobol, you need to be a South African citizen that is permanently employed and earning a salary of at least R3000.

To find out what you qualify for, all you need to do is complete an application online and you can get approval within minutes.

Our professional staff will then verify your details as soon as possible before emailing an offer to you.

Once accepting, the cash will be deposited into your account on the same day - ensuring that there is no delay when you need the money most.

The money is yours to do with as you please, and is an ideal option when you find yourself in sudden need of cash - whether that be due to emergencies, vehicle repairs, travel requirements and more.

Find out more about our flexible loans now by chatting to one of our consultants, or alternatively you can start your application now to see what you qualify for.

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